Schools of Choice


First Semester

Bentley Community Schools is participating in the 105 State School of Choice program, accepting unlimited applications for K-12. Click the link below to access the application:

Applications are available online from March 6th - August 28th, 2024 

Applications are also available in the Administration Office or by contacting [email protected]

Applications must be completed and returned to the Bentley Administration Office by August 28th at 4:00 p.m. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in denial of request. 

Click here for the School of Choice Application.

Questions should be directed to: Dianna Slusarzyk in the Administration Building at 810- 591-9120.

We hope that Bentley is your school of choice!

NOTE: Parents must provide the previous two years of behavior from the previous attended school(s) for grades 1st – 12th. This is not required for incoming kindergarten students. The behavior must be signed by a district representative. If your student did not have any behavior incidents for the past two years, a statement on district letterhead or a blank behavior report from your district's student information system must be provided as proof.

Applications will be considered incomplete if behavior is not submitted for all schools attended in the two-year period. Any new incoming student must apply (including siblings). If you have a student currently attending under the 105 School of Choice Program and would like a sibling to attend Bentley Community Schools, you must apply for the sibling. Incoming siblings are not automatically accepted for enrollment. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If accepted for enrollment under section 105 School of Choice program, students do not need a release from their resident district and can remain in the district through graduation with continuous enrollment pending any major behavior issues.