Fall riddles/jokes

Fun Fall Riddles and Jokes!
   (answers at the end of the page)
1.  What kind of pie do ghosts like to eat? 
2.  What are the birds givign out for Halloween this year? 
3.  What do you hear when you knock on the door of a haunted house?
4.  Why did the monster put three ducks in a carton?
5.  What do little ghosts chew?
6.  What scary creature do you find in your lunch at the beach? (hint:  we read a story about this)
7.  What is a ghost's favorite dinner?
8.  What game do baby ghosts play?
9.  Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?
10.  What kind of ant is 15 feet tall?
11.  How do little ghosts play indians?
12.  What do ghosts wear on their feet in the winter?
13.  What is the 1st thing a ghost does when he gets into a car?
14.  How do witches get around fast?
15.  What do baby ghosts say when they have to go home?
16.  What do 2 headed monsters say when they have to go home?
17.  Wgat dies a 100 ft monster say when it has to go home?
1.  Booooooo berry of course!
2.  Tweets
3.  "whoooooooo's there?"
4.  He wanted a box of quackers
5.  Boooooble gum
6.  A sandwich
7.  Spook - ghetti
8.  Peek-a-BOO
9.  Because he had no-body to go with
10.  A gi-ANT
11.  With a boo and arrow
12.  BOOts
13.  He BOOckles his seat belt.
14.  on barOOOOOOM sticks
15.  Booooohooo
16.  Bye....bye
17.  so loooooong