Flint Water Crisis

The Bentley Learning Community is working to connect any of our affected Bentley students to the various resources available to them and their families.

If your child is a Bentley student who lives in a home with Flint City water that has been affected by the water crisis, please call our community liaison, Lisa Gaby at Bentley High School at 810-591-9531. She will work with you to make sure you are connected to all the resources being made available to affected Flint residents. Also, we are working within the district to meet the needs of individual affected students in a private, discreet manner. Please contact Mrs. Gaby or one of the building principals if your child has specific needs  related to the water problem. We will work as a team to find ways to take care of them. It is our mission to protect our student's health and to help mitigate the negative impact this crisis may be having on their day to day life so they can focus on learning and being a successful student in all regards. 

Thank you for your partnership in helping us address your student's needs. 

Below are the links for various information such as informational meetings, frequently asked questions regarding lead, and other pertinent information. 

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