Math Website Access Directions

 Dear Parents/Guardians/Responsible Adults,

 Our math books have online resources. Your child may access the entire math book and all of the additional resources on line. The site can be reached directly by typing or by going to the Bentley website.

  Once at the Bentley website:

-         click schools

-         click Barhitte

-         click “online programs used for grades and assessments”

-         scroll toward the bottom of the page

-         click “math book online” (below Mangahigh)

-         students then need to type in their user name (username = first name followed by lunch number), password (password= first initial, last initial, lunch number), and login

-         click on the picture of the math book to open it

 After students have logged in, they have a wealth of information available to them. Students simply type the chapter and the lesson they are working on. Not only will the pages of their math book appear. They will be able to watch step-by-step demonstrations. They will be able to watch and listen to a tutor explain problems for the lesson. Students will be able to use online manipulatives, take a self-check quiz, get printed step-by-step instructions for specific examples, print extra practice sheets, and more.

 This is a very useful and helpful site for your child.


Mrs. Wolfling