WEB Project Ideas
1. Poster:  Create a poster to sell the book to classmates
2. Mystery:  Draw a haunted house and make a window and door tabs that open.  Write a mystery question at the top of the drawing.  Place clues (either pictures or written) behind the window and door tabs that indicate events in the book.
3. Sports:  Write a news report like a coach or scout would with information on the players(characters) and the strategy (plot)
4. Music:  Write and perform a song with lyrics that tell about your book.
5. 3-D:  Make a model or diorama of a main event in the story.
6. Hobby:  Bring in samples of your hobby that relates to the book.
7.  Mobile:  Make a coat hanger mobile that represents the  plot, setting, and main characters.   Write a description  of each item/person and its relevance in the story on a n index card.  Hang the 10 or more cards on the mobile with the illustrations.
8. Foreign Country:  After studying travel posters, make one that includes information about the book's setting, characters, and plot.
9. Science Fiction:  Make a 3D model of the main character or one of the fantastic creatures and tell how the character fits into the story.
10. Nonfiction:  After researching book covers, design one with the author, title, brief summary, and illustration of the book you read.
11. Fiction:  Create a report in the shape of something in the book and explain why you chose that shape.  For example, a report about a person could be made in the shape of that person's head.
12. Play/puppet show:  Write a script for your show based on your favorite scene in the book.  Create the puppets and present the show to the class.
13. Board Game:  Create a board game based on the plot and characters in your book.  Be sure to include a game board, game pieces, and the rules.
14. Newspaper:  Write the front page of a newspaper that might be found in the town where your story took place.  Include four articles about the characters or events in your book and at least one illustration.  Make your newspaper look as much like a real newspaper as possible.  No 1 page paper due with this project.
 15.  Picture Book:  Create a picture book of your book for younger readers.  Choosing 10-15 major events from the story, write and illustrate the story in your words.  Bind all the pages together; then design a cover for your book.  
16. News Broadcaster:  Become a newscaster by writing and performing a TV news broadcast that shows 3 major events in your book.  Videotape it at home and bring it in for your project for all to enjoy.
17.  Powerpoint:  Design a 7 slide presentation that tells about the main characters, setting, plot (leave cliffhanger), a big event, genre, use appropriate backgrounds and pictures.
18.  Your idea that is preapproved:)