Volunteers/supplies needed
1Dear Parents,
         I am need of some items and/or time for our classroom. If you are able to donate any of these items and/or time, it would be deeply appreciated.
decorative graphic of cartoon clockTime (laminating, cutting, etc.) This could be an hour weekly, every other week, monthly, any would be great!!  Let me know when you're coming so I'll have things ready for you or you could set a time for example every Thursday 2 - 2:30.  Any time would be such a great help!!  I would absolutely love to have you come in!
decorative graphic of school suppliesMaterials:    Clorox Wipes (to keep desks wiped down, flu bug to a minimum)
                                       wide ruled notebook paper
                                       0.7 pencil lead
                                       0.5 pencil lead
                                       plastic spoons/forks
                                       boxes of kleenex
                                       paper plates (cheapies)
                                       Read aloud: 12:15 - 12:30 (Mon. - Fri. your choice)
                                       Read aloud favorite story or read the one
                                                  we're reading in class
                                       Ziploc baggies (small and large)
Send any or all at any time of the year!!
                                          Thank you,
                                           Mrs. Gusie