Mr. Funk—Speech


Mr. Mark Funk, M.A. CCC-SLP
Room 108 (Barhitte)
810 591 9670
[email protected]

M.A. Broadcast and Cinematic Arts (CMU)
M.A. Speech Language Pathology (EMU)
Certificate of Clinical Competence (ASHA)
Licensed Michigan Speech Language Pathologist

Mark Funk plays "Oh Danny Boy" at Washington National Cathedral
(Owned by Mr. Funk)
Mr. Funk also has an office at the Middle School behind the Libary.
Mr. Funk is the only Speech Therapist for the Bentley Community School district.  By law I also must serve the private schools that are within the Bentley School district.  These would be Genesee Christian and Good Shepherd Lutheran. 
Mr. Funk has a caseload of 60 and services students from 2.5 years old to 12th grade.
Speech-Language Pathologists within a school system offer a variety of services. 
 Speech-Language Pathologists must go through rigorous academic training and in Michigan a Masters degree is required.  Mr. Funk has been licensed since 2012.    Speech-Language Pathologists are also certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association with the Certificate of Clinical Competence.  It is nothing easy to achieve and/or to maintain.  Not all school Speech-Language Pathologists will be ASHA certified, but they must be licensed by the State of Michigan.  
 Speech-Language Pathologists are also trained to an extent in Audiology.  A hearing screening can be performed at your request. The hearing screening is only a tool to see if a full audiological evaluation is warranted.
 The way in which Speech Pathologist see their students has changed.  The idea is for a Speech Pathologist to be in the classroom as much as possible.  This is to keep your student in their natural learning environment.  Any time a student is pulled out for Speech, it does create an artificial environment.  When in the classroom, I get to see how your student interacts with others and his/her teacher.  I can hear the diction they use in everyday life and not the diction that they would use around me to get through the therapy session.  I also then can work with your student directly on homework and help them find strategies at the same time.
     Mr. Funk's schedule is:
     Fridays--Bentley High School 
 You are welcome to email Mr. Funk at:  [email protected]
 Speech Therapy is more than just how someone speaks! 
We also work with students in organization, planning, homework help almost anything to help them succeed at school.
Speech Pathologists can assist/assess in the following and many other areas:
     Recovering from stroke
     Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury
     Cognitive Deficits
     Organizational Skills
     Hearing Screenings
     Vocal Quality Evaluations
     Recall/Memory Evaluations
     Study Habits
     Evaluation of Processing Deficits
     Strategies for Hearing Impairments
     Test-taking Strategies
     Cognitive deficits arising from a neurological incident (injury/accident)
     We can also administer hearing screenings.
Picture of Washington National Cathedral interior--Photo owned by Mark FunkConsole of Washington National Cathedral Organ--Photo Owner--Mark FunkDrawknobs of Kirk in the Hills, Michigan--Photo Owner Mark Funk
Mr. Funk minored in Keyboard Performance in college.  He has played at several major organ installations in the United States, including being locked-in at Washington National Cathedral (left and center pictures--within the top 20 largest organs in the world) and playing for the night to an empty cathedral.  In the summer of 2008 he was allowed to play at Hill Auditorium on the U of M campus--an empty house--but a lot of fun!

In Minnesota he has played at House of Hope Presbyterian Church which houses the largest "tracker" organ in the states.  
 He also has played at Kirk in the Hills, Bloomfield, MI (left bottom picture). 
 He also has played at the gorgeous setting of Christ Church Cranbrook.  
One other significant venue is Meadowbrook which houses one of the largest residence organs in Michigan!   

Believe it or not he does play familiar tunes!!  You should come hear him sometime!  Currently he practices at First Presbyterian Flint, which houses Genesee county's second largest pipe organ.  


Mr. Funk, M.A. CCC-SLP

Mr. Funk