Classroom Policies

Rules and Grading for Mrs. Kelbel

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Classroom Policy

As a teacher, I expect students to follow five basic rules:

1. Be Prepared: When entering the classroom, a student should have their textbook, paper, pencil, pen and homework.  Without these tools, it is difficult to make the most of their time.

2. Be Respectful: All students are expected to treat the staff, their peers and themselves with respect.  This includes appropriate language, manners and a helpful attitude.

3. Be An Active Participant: Math is a topic that requires all people to practice.  This means being involved during the lesson as well as doing homework at home. 

4. Be Prompt: In order for class to be the most productive, everyone has to be ready to begin class when the bell rings.  This means in their assigned seats with homework on the corner of the desk.

5. Be Responsible: Mistakes will happen throughout a person’s life.  Being a responsible person means taking the consequence for your actions. 

Supplies Needed:  All students will need a notebook to keep their notes.   I also highly recommend a scientific calculator.

Grading Policy

All students will be graded on a standard scale.  Homework that is graded as credit/no credit will ONLY be accepted on the due date.  Assignments that are graded for accuracy may be turned in within two days after the due date for partial credit.  Exceptions can made for absences and/or emergencies.

Extra Credit will be given rarely.

Test will be given periodically throughout the marking period.   There will be an average of one quiz per week to assess student understanding.  A test will be announced while quizzes may or may not.  Corrections may be made on tests for ½ credit but not on quizzes.

Quizzes will count as 30% of the total grade while tests are 25%.   Assignments, which include homework, class activities, warm-ups and participation will account for the remaining 45%.   A standard grading scale will be used.

The grading scale will look as follows:

93-100% A

90-92% A-

87-89% B+

83-86% B

80-82% B-

77-79% C+

73-76% C

70-72% C-

67-69% D+

63-66% D

60-62% D-