Bentley Community Schools

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Barhitte Elementary is located within Bentley Community Schools in Burton, Michigan. Those of us who live within this quiet community, as well as those who have chosen teaching as a career; truly do believe it is a wonderful place for children to attain their Kindergarten thru 5th grade education.

Barhitte Elementary is fully equipped with the technology required for educating young, eager minds. It also offers unique opportunities for parents to attend school with their child which allows the parents a better perspective as to what their child is going through on any given day. Recent curriculum innovations include a new guided reading library, the implementaion of balanced literacy building wide, and a new math curriculum. There are also numerous exciting classroom activities, field trips, science night, singing programs, art shows and assemblies to be experienced by all.

Student/staff resources include a Counselor, Speech Therapist and Reading Consultant. The Computer, Art, Physical Education and Music programs are an integral part of the curriculum designed to help each student reach their potential.


6080 Roberta
Burton, MI 48509
School Time Schedule for K-5th 
Full Day 8:25 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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