COVID-19 Updates

Greetings Bentley Bulldogs,

Today, Governor Whitmer asked high schools to return to virtual instruction for the next two weeks to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We will continue providing families the options of a.) having their secondary students in grades 6-12 come to school in a hybrid format as they have been doing since January 25 or b.) learning virtually. We will also continue to run our athletic programs at this time.

In consultation with Genesee County Health Department, we recognize that schools are safer for students in many regards: we enforce mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing, vigilant cleaning of the buildings, and contract tracing. Additionally, students are able to better interact with their peers and the faculty when on campus, and they receive breakfasts and lunches when they are here.

We offer free weekly rapid antigen tests to staff and high school students on a voluntary basis and to all athletes as a condition of participating in sports as required by MDHHS. The state suggested that the rapid antigen test might be a requirement for spring events like prom and graduation. If you have a student who would like to attend one of these events, I recommend they take advantage of this free antigen testing. So while they have not yet made this mandatory, it certainly is one more step we can take to try to ensure access to these types of events. If you have not yet signed up and would like to, you can visit our website for the consent forms. It is painless and less than 30 seconds.

I understand that these are difficult times for everybody and that the health and welfare of our students, staff, and broader community are important to all. Thus, if you prefer your high school student to learn remotely for the next two weeks, please contact Bentley High School at (810) 591-9514.

Know that we are constantly monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on our district and community and we will make decisions based on new developments.

Kind regards,

Dr. Kristy Spann, Superintendent