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The new Tech Lab has been completed and has 36 computers. It also has a projector in the ceiling for easy step-by-step instructions.   Every teacher and student has to sign into Google with their username and password if they choose to save any work; this also gives them access to their work from anywhere.

The Kindergarten thru 5th grade students will be instructed in many different programs from Disney to spreadsheets, depending upon their grade level and capabilities.

Successmaker is a program used by 1st thru 5th grade students; it is a program that assesses the student's abilities in math and reading and adjusts to his/her capabilities as the student learns independently.
This program can also be accessed at home.

Prodigy and Mangahigh is a math program for 1st graders on up to high school. The programs allows challenges to be set for students,  and it can be evaluated to see who understands the math concept and who is having difficulty. 

Skoolbo is also a program and iPad app used by all students from K-5th; it allows students to increase their knowledge in math and reading.

Barhitte’s Tech Lab is run by Mrs. Blosser. She is a 1977 Bentley graduate and has been employed with Barhitte since 1992.

She has met the NCLB requirements by passing the Michigan Teachers Certification Test.

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